Cindy Luth

Carissa Novak

Amber Reschke

Meet our Staff!


Cindy Luth, Accounts Manager

Cindy has been working in mental health offices for roughly 25 years.  She has spent time working in both Grand Island and Lincoln Nebraska and has been with Psychotherapy Associates for the last 10 years.


She is married, has two children and two grandchildren.  Her favorite past time activities include spending time with family and friends, antique shopping, sewing, crafts, while enjoying time with her dogs and cats


Amber Reschke, Office Manager

Amber has been working at Psychotherapy Associates for three years. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her cats. She also enjoys watching movies, Face-Timing with her nieces, and attending hockey games.


Carissa Novak, Office Assistant

Carissa is a student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and is studying Psychology and Child, Youth, and Family Studies.  Her favorite book series is Harry Potter and she loves to travel.


Psychotherapy Associates

In psychotherapy, you and your therapist work out strategies for handling problems of daily living.  Examples of problems which can be effectively addressed include depression, anxiety and panic, "flashbacks," guilt, low self-esteem, eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, couple and family difficulties, and general interpersonal difficulties.  Additionally, psychotherapy can lead to personal growth through clarification of your thoughts and feelings about yourself, others, and events in your life.

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